Amputated Lives: Coping with Chemical Sensitivity  

Amputated Lives:
Coping with Chemical Sensitivity

by Alison Johnson

With a Foreword by L. Christine Oliver, M.D., Harvard Medical School

Cumberland Press
Brunswick, Maine
2008     304 pages

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From the Back Cover:
The condition of multiple chemical sensitivity has been rapidly growing with the proliferation of new, untested chemicals in our environment. In recent decades, people from many walks of life have developed a new intolerance for the chemicals found in perfume, air fresheners, cleaning products, fabric softeners, diesel and auto exhaust, new carpet, paint, and other products. Their ranks include large numbers of Exxon Valdez cleanup workers, Gulf War veterans, 9/11 First Responders, and FEMA trailer residents. Part I of Amputated Lives analyzes the development of chemical sensitivity in these various groups and its consequences. Part II illustrates with stories from various individuals how this condition can quickly wreck what was once a good life.

"Amputated Lives is a brilliant culmination of over a decade of work by Alison Johnson, author of landmark books, publications, and documentaries on multiple chemical sensitivity. Everyone should read Amputated Lives. It provides an unparalleled perspective on the causes and consequences of toxic exposures, which have devastated far too many lives."
  Anne Steinemann, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Civil and
Environmental Engineering
University of Washington
"This book elegantly defines the health crisis from our daily exposure to complex mixtures of toxic chemicals and the political barriers to research and appropriate treatment for the myriad health problems that result. The philosophy that for every ill there is an expensive pill must be changed. For many ailments, we need to remove the stricken from the chemical environment rather than pump them full of expensive pharmaceuticals."
  William Meggs, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor, Brody School of Medicine
East Carolina University
"The American Academy of Environmental Medicine recognized the importance of Alison Johnson’s books and documentaries and her Chemical Sensitivity Foundation in 2004 when it gave her its annual Carleton Lee Award for 'exemplary efforts in furthering the principles of Environmental Medicine.' In Amputated Lives, Alison Johnson once again very effectively sounds the alarm about the spread of chemical sensitivity to more and more Americans."
  Philip Ranheim, M.D.
President, American Academy of
Environmental Medicine


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