Amputated Lives - Coping with Chemical Sensitivity

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Table of Contents

Part I

Chapter 1: The Struggle to Find a Safe Workplace
Chapter 2: The Elusive Search for a Place to Live
Chapter 3: The Consequences of Disbelief
Chapter 4: The EPA Headquarters Becomes a Sick Building
Chapter 5: The Exxon Valdez Cleanup
Chapter 6: Gulf War Syndrome
Chapter 7: The World Trade Center Disaster
Chapter 8: Katrina’s Toxic Aftermath

Part II

John Sferazo, 9/11 Ironworker
Greta, Exxon Valdez Cleanup Worker
James Handley, EPA Attorney
Wanda Phillips, FEMA Trailer Exposure
Sfc. Terry Dillhyon, Gulf War Veteran
Rachel Hughes, 9/11 Exposure
Victoria Savini, Accountant
The Potter Brothers, Exxon Valdez Cleanup Workers
Linda Baker, Coach and Physical Education Teacher
Bonnie Giebfried, 9/11 Emergency Medical Technician
Daniel Brainerd, Student
Bobbie Lively-Diebold, EPA Scientist
Sp4c. Tara Batista, Gulf War Veteran
Lynn Henderson, FEMA Trailer Exposure
Robert Bunker, Exxon Valdez Cleanup Worker
Linda Grommes, Computer Systems Analyst
Jill Sverdlove, 9/11 Exposure
Sfc. Roy Twymon, Gulf War Veteran
Sue, Medical Transcriptionist
Lindsay Huckabee, FEMA Trailer Exposure
H . D., 9/11 Exposure
Capt. Richard Caron, Gulf War Veteran
Phyllis "Dolly" LaJoie, Exxon Valdez Cleanup Worker
Jenn Duncan, 9/11 Brooklyn Resident
S.C.W., EPA Attorney
Margaret Ressler, Exxon Valdez Cleanup Worker
Kelly Colangelo, 9/11 Exposure
Mark, Former Videomaker
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